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Used K24a2 Longblock


Used K24a2 Longblock

$ 1,199.99

Used K24a2 Longblock

The K24a2 TSX engine is the perfect starter engine for any K-series Build.   This engine has been proven to 220-230whp(260whp w/ cams) All-Motor & 400-500whp Turbo on 93oct pump gas with just minor upgrades(Kpro, CAI, IM, TB, Injectors, Header, & Exhaust).  This engine has the potential to make well over 300whp All-Motor, & 900whp Turbo if built properly.  

131k to 180k Miles

Contact us at the time of purchase for exact mileage

Shipping Costs:

$349.99 Longblock

$399.99 Crate Engine

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