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Billet K-Tuned Tensioner Cover Upgrade


Billet K-Tuned Tensioner Cover Upgrade

$ 39.00

Upgrade to Billet K-Tuned Tensioner Cover

This item can only be purchased as an upgrade while purchasing a KMOD Engine.(not sold seperately) 

The K-Tuned Tensioner Cover Plate is designed with a simple o-ring seal that is set into a machined groove on the back of the cover. This o-ring seal design makes timing chain tensioner checks and changes much faster and easier because it completely eliminates the need for messy sealer which we all know is a pain to clean off.  

So why is checking the chain tensioner so important? It is a very good idea to inspect your tensioner occasionally for wear or damage because a tensioner failure can completely ruin a good engine. 

*6061 billet aluminum  *Includes Bolts  *No Need For Sealant  *Easy to Remove/Install

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