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Line Hone Main Caps (Cylinder Block)


Line Hone Main Caps (Cylinder Block)

$ 155.00

CNC Bore & Install Darton Sleeves (4Cyl)

  *Line Hone/Bore main caps using a Sunnen SV-10 Machine*


  • Patented full bore profile display projects a real-time display allowing you to dwell in the exact position where bore is visually smaller ... no one else has it.
  • Touch Screen Control - easily adjusts speed from the multi-language control panel ... no more belts and pulleys to adjust or buttons to push.
  • Tooling options include the new DH-Series diamond honing tool or existing CK/CV tooling.
  • Variable independent spindle and stroke drives with crosshatch angle calculator allows virtually any crosshatch angle to be obtained.


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