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KMOD Stage 1 K24 Crate Engine- For Boost (400-700whp)


KMOD Stage 1 K24 Crate Engine- For Boost (400-700whp)

$ 5,799.99

KMOD Stage 1 K24 Crate Engine- 220-230whp

-K24a2 Engine(complete head & block) TSX Cams -Honda ValveSprings -Honda Retainers -RBC Intake Manifold -K-Tuned TB Adapter -K-tuned fuel rail -1000cc fuel injectors -87.5mm head gasket -87.5mm 10.0:1 Pistons/Rings -800whp H-Beam Connecting Rods -Racing rod/main bearings -KMOD K20a2 Oil Pump **8700 RPM Rev Limit **Tuning required  -Add Shipping Separately **NO CORE CHARGE**Our price includes the K24 Block & Head **Supply your own Head/Block- deduct $1000**

**All KMOD Engines are *Meticulously cleaned including the internal oil passages *Every part goes thru an ultrasonic cleaning *Precision balancing of the rotating assembly(Pistons/Rods/Crank) *Precision Torque Plate Honed Cylinders using a Sunnen SV-10 *Precision CNC Bored cylinders using a Hass VF3 *Precision CNC Decked Block & Head using a Haas VF3 *Precision Align Honed Main Caps to Ensure Perfectly Straight & Round Bores using a Sunnen SV-10 *Precision checked/set bearing clearances Using Mitutoyo Instruments *Piston to wall clearance set to KMOD Specs *Ring End Gap set to KMOD Specs *Hot-Tanked, Cleaned, & Painted. **All Blocks & Heads receive a CNC Engraved KMOD Logo.**  

*Does not include crankshaft Pulley(harmonic Balancer)*

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