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KMOD Payment Plan


KMOD Payment Plan

$ 5.00

KMOD Lay-A-Way Payment Plan

We understand that not everyone is rich, & building a High Performance car is expensive.  To help those who do not have the lump sum upfront to do a build, or to buy a part(s) but have the ability to make payments we offer the KMOD Lay-A-Way Option.

Its a very basic & simple plan, There is not a predetermined monthly payment amount, or maximum time limit.  You pay as much as you can, when you can, & when its fully paid for its yours.
How it Works:
** 1st you contact is thru text/email to discuss your build or parts.  Then by phone if necessary.  
1) Check out using the above option to make your initial deposit.  Before clicking the check out button make sure to click the ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER button(left side of page), letting us know which products you'd like to put on a KMOD lay away plan.   
2) After that we will send you an invoice, that you will use to make all future payments, until you reach 65%.
2) After a 65% deposit is reached we begin the build.
3) Once your payments reach 100%, you will ship your completed build, or order.
The Normal process is: We discuss what it is that you want(thru email/text, or phone call) , you make your initial deposit, then we send you an estimate/invoice.  After you make a payment we update that invoice with the amount paid & the remaining balance. At any point you can use the invoice link to see your payment history, & remaining balance. 
**On orders over $1000 we require at least a $200 initial deposit.  This deposit will cover the time required for us to research, make, save, & email an estimate.  (including Updates & Changes).   The $200 deposit goes towards your order, it is not in addition to your order.**
**All layaway payments are non refundable.  If at a later date you change your mind, it would be at our discretion whether all payments above $200 will be refunded minus a 35% cancellation fee**

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