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KMOD Oil Pump Kit - K20, K24a


KMOD Oil Pump Kit - K20, K24a

$ 235.99 $ 429.00

***On National Back Order Until 10-01-21***

KMOD Modified Oil Pump

-K20a2 modified for more flow, & cut to fit K24a, or K20z blocks(also includes: K20 chain, K20 guide, 3- Bolts, oil port plug & OEM K20a2 Baffle plate) -Modified to flow more oil for better high RPM lubrication *Proven to 10,000 RPM on the KMOD RSX, & all #TeamKMOD Circle Track Race Cars  *Dyno proven on KMOD RSX to be worth 9WHP

- Some blocks will not be threaded for the oil port plug . In this instance we recommend tapping the block to accept the supplied bolt  (M8 x 1.25)

**K20a2 kit does not include the OEM K20a2 baffle plate, or guide**

**Modified oil pump ONLY kits, ONLY include the modified oil pump(no baffle, no guide, no chain) 

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