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K-Tuned 72mm Throttle Body


K-Tuned 72mm Throttle Body

$ 349.00 $ 360.00

K-Tuned 80mm Throttle Body -Domestic

**Direct bolt on for RBC Intake Manifold**

K-Tuned 72mm TB has the same features found on our larger throttle bodies. It is direct bolt on for RBC/RRC or aftermarket manifolds with the same bolt pattern with an o-ring seal, which will provide better seal than a gasket. Why RBC bolt pattern? The RBC is the best manifold for stock to mild builds. Its offers good flow and very reasonable price. Hands down RBC is the best manifold for the value for stock/mild builds. 72mm is the largest you can open an RBC without breaking through, so we made the bore 72mm. We offer interchangeable inlets similar to our larger throttle bodies, available in 3" Vanjen (Wiggins Style) and 3" V-Band. O-ring seal on the inlet keeps them from leaking even on high boost setups. 

The OEM K-Series MAP sensor and IACV are both a direct bolt on, with the ports located on the bottom of the TB, where they are out of view for a cleaner look. Like our other throttle body you are able to change the adapter easily to change the TPS sensor from K-TPS to B-TPS.  The throttle cable connection is made using a fully adjustable throttle rotor with 10 settings. All K-Tuned Throttle Bodies are constructed with 6061 billet aluminum with a brass throttle blade and a stainless steel, center-less ground, throttle shaft that is leak tested to 90psi. They are also 100% North American made as are all the raw materials.

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