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Install KMOD Deck Plate System(DPS) "Sleeves" (4Cyl) -Up To 900whp


Install KMOD Deck Plate System(DPS) "Sleeves" (4Cyl) -Up To 900whp

$ 600.00

Install KMOD Deck Plate DPS "Sleeves" (4Cyl)

Proven to over 900whp  *87.5mm Max Bore(K24)   *86.5mm Max Bore(K20)

A more economical way to protect your sleeves from cracking. This process varies from the typical industry known “blockguard” because it does not rely on the loose tolerance and taper of the factory casting. We actually CNC machine the water passage to a precise dimension using a Haas CNC Mill to accept our support rings(KMOD Deck Plate System). This means there is 100% contact, along with equal support pressure around the cylinders and from the top of the support ring to the bottom of the support ring. Even the most finely filed/sanded blockguard can not compete with the precision of a 3axis cnc milling machine. The KMOD Deck Plate System is designed for maximum support while maintain superior cooling characteristics.

**Price includes:  Cleaning, KMOD DPS Install, & Decking

**The above Pricing Does not include:  Shipping-$99-$129, Bore-$155, or Hone-$155 

After installation of the DPS it is REQUIRED that the cylinder bores be bored & honed to ensure that the cylinder walls are straight.   Building a high performance engine with the intent to slap a new piston into an old worn, cylinder bore is just not the proper way to build any engine, let alone a High Performance/Race engine.  



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