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Gear-X Cuff Brace (5th Gear Handcuff)


Gear-X Cuff Brace (5th Gear Handcuff)

$ 494.99

Gear-X Cuff Brace unit for the K-series transmission.  The Cuff is designed to brace both shafts together of the transmission together, which allows for greater HP output and better performance. Available in two configurations to meet your needs as shown in photos.

Config 1. Gear-X Cuff for Drag race applications
This cuff is designrd to be used as a 4-speed gear configuration w/o a 5th or 6th gear. So it's ideal for all out drag application.

Config 2. Gear-X Cuff for 4SP Drag /w spacer for adding a 5th Gear. 

Please Note: Actual gears are not included

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