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Ferrea 2nd Gen VTEC Killer Rocker Arms


Ferrea 2nd Gen VTEC Killer Rocker Arms

$ 999.99 $ 1,090.99

Ferrea "VTEC Killer" Rocker Arms
-Aluminum-Magnesium Roller Rocker System" was designed to replace the factory "Steel Rocker Arm System" -Eliminates the VTEC Function. -Lightweight rockers increase the RPM range of Valve-train(over 10,000rpm) -Comes with all hardware and requires no head modifications for installation. Sold as a set of 8. 
Aluminum-Magnesium, CNC machined
Stock rocker assembly mass: 307 grams.
Ferrea rocker assembly mass: 154 grams.
(50% less assembly mass than factory rockers)
Stock fulcrum mass: 134 grams.
Ferrea fulcrum mass: 76 grams.

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