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AEM Infinity EMS ECU


AEM Infinity EMS ECU

$ 1,399.00

AEM Infinity 6h & 8h ECU
-200 MHz automotive processor that can process 400 MIPS. -Airflow model-based (VE) tuning -Flex-fuel and multi-fuel capability, -On-board wideband air/fuel control, Map switching -Knock control -Engine protection strategies include coolant temp, oil temp, AFR vs. MAP, intake air temp, knock and fuel pressure -Programmable drive-by-wire -Variable cam timing -Boost control -Nitrous control -2 Sensor Traction control -Data logging up to 64 GB via a removable USB drive -Logging rates up to 1 KHz per channel. The Infinity-6/8h is able to communicate with 3rd party dashes and loggers -Sealed enclosure and IP67-rated communications ports are suitable for engine bay mounting. AEM offers a universal flying lead harness and a Plug & Pin Kit for the Infinity-6/8h. Plug & Play adapter harnesses are available for select 4- and 6-cylinder applications. **Requires Adapter Harness**
Infinity 506
The Infinity 506 is designed for racing engines with up to 6 cylinders. It features a smaller footprint than the Infinity Series 7 (5.855” x 5.55” x 1.8”) and a single, weatherproof 80-pin connector.

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