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KMOD Performance Warranty 
 KMOD engines/transmissions/turbo kits carry a 1 year warranty against workmanship, &  MANUFACTURES PROVEN defects for 100% repair only. The warranty is void if; 1. If a power adder has been used incorrectly and caused the engines/transmissions failure 2. Abuse or neglect has been detected such as, (a) any unauthorized changes to original the engine for which it was built for (b) lean or rich conditions (c) run hot (d) not changing the oil frequently (e) detonation (f) careless operation (g) lack of proper maintenance (h) additional required items not installed that causes damage. 3. Over-rev of the engine causing the engines rpm to be past its limit, (7800-10,000 rpm depending on which stage).  4. The engine/transmission/turbo kit has been disassembled or altered by the customer or anyone else other than KMOD Performance. 
   All WARRANTY procedures and repairs must be done at KMOD Performance’s location to be in effect. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
   Shipping for warranty work, is the responsibility to you the customer.   
This is a racing engine/transmission/turbo kit and its parts are put under extreme conditions. These parts do fail in some instances, & that’s beyond anyone’s control.  Any additional repairs, down time, shipping charges, out of pocket expenses, lost wages are considered not applicable or retrievable under any circumstances if a failure occurs. 
   The warranty listed above is for the repair of the engine at KMOD Performance® and only if it is a proven true manufactures defect. We do not manufacture these items and all liabilities are solely the manufactures of any racing component. Most manufactures do not warranty any racing items and the risk of using such is solely upon the purchaser!  
   Ask all questions before purchasing any engine for actual liabilities as well as any reasonable warranty on such items as racing applications. 8. The purchase of such race engine and the use of the item is the acceptable responsibility and liability solely of the purchaser and he or she understands this fully.  If you have any questions please make sure to ask all questions before purchasing a KMOD built engine or Transmission.

Shipping & Other policy info. 

There is no warranty on Dyno Tuning and KMOD Performance® cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur during dyno tuning.  If the product(s) are used for racing or competition, this warranty is limited to manufacturer defects only; wear and breakages are not covered under any circumstances.  KMOD Performance® is not liable for losses or damages arising out of any cause whatsoever.  KMOD Performance® shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages.  

Return/Cancellation Policy: There will be a 30% restocking/Cancellation fee for All returned/Cancelled items & orders.

Engine, Transmission, & Turbo Kit build times:  Engines, Transmissions, & Turbo Kits are custom built to order.  The listed build times are an estimate.  In some cases due to parts availability issues these items may take longer than estimated.   

Layaway Policies
*Lay away payments are non-refundable. If at our discretion we decide to offer a refund, there will be  a 30% cancellation fee charged.  Any layaway refunds will be paid in the same manner in which your layaway payments were paid:  Over several payments.