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KMOD Engine Rebuild Service
-Honda Piston Rings -Honda Bearings -Honda Head Gasket -Honda IM Gasket -Honda water Pump -Honda timing belt -Honda tensioner -Honda Seals/Gaskets -Block & Head resurfaced *Precision Honed Cylinders *Precision checked & set bearing clearances *Precision balanced rotating assembly *Hot tanked & cleaned
Price: $1,599.00
Add ARP Main Studs
-Fits B-Series engines -Strenghthens main caps -Less likely to have bearing failures do to crank movement
Price: $108.00
Add ARP Head Studs
-Fits B-series engines -High strenghth studs provide more clamping force -Less likely to blow head gasket under boost
Price: $135.00
OEM Honda 81.25mm Pistons
.25mm Oversized *rings sold separately
Price: $160.00
OEM Honda 84.25mm Pistons
.25mm Oversized *rings sold separately
Price: $260.00 $250.00
Supertech Pistons
-81,5mm-84.5mm -9.0:1 t0 12.4:1 Compressions -Forged 4032 -Chrome Moly Wrist Pins -Phosphate Dry Lubricant Coating
Price: $399.00
CP Pistons
-81mm-85mm- Several Compressions -Forged 3618 -Chrome Moly Wrist Pins -Includws Rings
Price: $615.00
Bore & Compression :
Eagle Rods
-For LS Engine -Forged Steel -H Beam Construction -Comes w/ ARP Rod bolts -Up to 600HP
Price: $345.00
Pauter Connecting Rods
Precision CNC-Machined from E4340 Chrome-moly forging -Heat-treated to Rockwell C36 -Full coverage shotpeened -End-to-end balanced in sets -ARP 2000 bolts rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength -Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings
Price: $810.00
Eagle B-Series Crankshaft
-Fits B-series -Forged steel 77mm Stroke(B16)-87mm stroke(GSR) -89mm stroke (LS/B20)-Cheeper than OEM Honda -Very strong
Price: $599.00
ACL Race Bearing Kit
-Main bearings -Rod bearings -Thrust washers
Price: $165.00
Fluidampr Crank Pulley
-Dampen crank vibrations -Reduce the chance of oil pump or main bearing failure
Price: $355.00
JDM B16 Swap
-JDM B16 Engine(OBD-1), Trans, & Mounts -JDM B16 ECU -JDM B16 Header - *Low mileage, Under 35k miles ** Does Not Include Shipping**
Price: $2,500.00
Engine R&R Labor
Labor to Remove & Re-install your engine
Price: $300.00
CNC Werx CSS "Sleeve" Upgrade
CNC Werx Block support System. Has been proven to hold up to 900whp. lower cost option for those making less than 900whp.
Price: $449.00